Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going to Chicago Zine Fest 2012 + Stranger Randy comic update

Crucial Changes Printing Press will be heading out to Chicago early March to participate in the cities well-known zine fest.  I was lucky enough to get a table early, but I'm still waiting for the organizers to send out a follow up email with all the details.  I wanted to wait until I got said email before this formal announcement, but I wanted people to be in the know as soon as possible.  Because of all the time and prep it will take to get ready for the fest, all zines are unavailable to order until I return from Chicago Zine Fest mid-March.  I plan on re-printing all previous zines exclusively for the fest, plus it'll be the first time the new Stranger Randy comic will be available to the public.  I will be bringing in the new year tonight ramping up for the event that is (only) 9 weeks away.  Happy New Year!

Down here in the printing trenches of the CCHQ, I wanted to announce that Santa this year brought me a new paper trimmer, so expect all zines and CD-Rs to have a cleaner finish.  Also, no more printer delays.  Somehow I overlooked a jam in the printers loading tray, and everything seems to working just fine now.  Expect to see updates heading up to Chicago Zine Fest as they happen as well as a finished mock up of the Stranger Randy comic.  Peace.