Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chicago Zine Fest leftover zines available in limited quantities

I just got back from Chicago Zine Fest and I have a small number of zines leftover as well as a brand new Stranger Randy adult comic from local Omaha artist John Crowley. All zines are half page in size, b&w, w/ 24 weight covers.

1. This is Nebraska Not Anywhere Else - A local Nebraska hardcore zine w/ interviews and photos. 32 pages - 8 copies left - $1/ea. ppd

2. Scenes - A photozine w/ show, nature, and architecture photos all shot on film (Ag Front, Cro-Mags, Merauder, Pentagram + much more). 28 pages - 4 copies left - $1/ea. ppd

3. Interview(s) -  A local Nebraska hardcore interview zine done in a mock news stand layout. MRR Top 10 Zine Nov. 2011 #342. 20 pages - 20 copies left - $1/ea. ppd

4. More Adventures Of Stranger Randy - A new adult comic done by Omaha artist John Crowley. Violence, sex, and drug use in 20 pages - 30+ copies - $3/ea. ppd

Email me to buy or trade:

CrucialChangesHQ (at) gmail (dot) com