Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back From Chicago Zine Fest 2014

I just got home from attending Chicago Zine Fest 2014, and was a great time.  Thanks to everyone who bought/traded an issue.  Nearly everything I brought with me to the fest, I was able to sell.  The few leftover zines I had after the fest, I donated at a local punk show who was having their own zine event as well.  This years event was on the same day as the annual St. Paddy Day festival downtown, making traffic very congestive.  Surprisingly, I was able to find parking with relative ease, and was able to get my table set up with about 5 minutes to spare.  Because I arrived a bit late, and having a table on the first floor, I was unable to really break away from my spot to check out other tables.  Once the general public was allowed to enter, the next 7 hours went by very quickly.  It was yet another successful zine fest, and I had a fun time meeting new people as well as old friends from fests of the past.  While in Chicago, I was also able to eat at a local vegan restaurant that was so good,  check out a really nice record store, and also check out two local punk shows.  I took some snaps at the shows, so expect to see the pix next photo update plus show reviews.

A couple of snaps from my table at CZF 2014

I would like to share that the current issue of Crucial Changes Zine has made the Maximum Rock 'N' Roll's Zine Top 10 List in the April 2014 issue.  It is always an honor to make the list of the long running punk rag.  This is the second time a Crucial Changes Printing Press zine has made the list.  I will keep Crucial Changes #8 in print as long as there is a demand.

A nice review.

Next issue will be available soon.  Cheers!